Make memories,
In An Instant


You’re the star. We’re the sidekick. let’s party.

We ain’t your regular run-of-the-mill photo booth – no sir. We don’t merely turn up, we actually turn it up. Whatever it takes to make your party or event explode into people’s minds as one to remember, we’ll deliver – and we’ve got the perfect way to do it.

halo booth

The future of photo booths is here! The Halo Booth is uber fun, very addictive and easy to use! You’ll look like the angel that we both secretly knew you’re not ;) Our brilliant Halo Booth is an open air booth operated on an iPad Pro with a super cool LED ring light. The Halo is bringing a revolution to the way that photo booths operate, with an easy to use touch screen app; text & email sharing; impressive lighting; unlimited printing and sharing capabilities.

studio booth

Seriously, we ain’t like the rest. Our digital and polaroid packages grant you a legitimate professional photographer for your event so your guests aren’t left solely to their own fuzzy devices. We provide sexy studio lighting, professional quality photo's and guaranteed dad jokes! Choose between an old school Polaroid option or 4"x6" prints using a professional printer.

jess & seb

Just the slightest murmur of a party and we’re there. We are Jess Pace and Seb Alvarez, and we take photos.

Good photos. Memorable photos. Digital, Polaroid, mental photos. Flipping fantastic photos of people wearing outlandish props and laughing themselves sober.

In An Instant was drummed up in 2008 when Jess accidentally entirely excelled at setting up a mini photo shoot for a friend’s birthday. Like party ninja’s, Jess & Seb began to transform parties and events, making them POP with an added explosion of fun. The business launched at The Finders Keepers Market and they've been having a hard time loving their work sick ever since.

Seb’s a funny guy, just ask him. Or anyone. His dad’s jokes are renowned, his record collection enviable and his ability to talk shit on cue, admirable. Jess loves making pom poms, coffee (obviously), raw chocolate cake and making people’s party dreams a reality. Together we ride bikes, take adventures, go skating and laugh our way from event to event.